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School Day

The school gates will be open between 8.45am and 8.50am. If your child is in Morning Nursery, your child will be expected to be at school for 8.40am promptly. For all other year groups, you should arrive at school between 8.45am and 8.50am. The gates will be locked promptly at 8.50am so please do arrive on time otherwise your child will be marked as ‘late’ on the school register and will be missing valuable learning time.

At the end of the day, please ensure that if children are collected that parents or carers are on time. All children will leave by the doors on the playground where they can be collected. Parents and older children should not enter school but wait on the playground where children will be dismissed.

Here are the drop off and collection times for year groups:

There is a morning break and a lunch break scheduled for each class at different times during the school day. During the morning break, all children will be offered a piece of fruit to eat each day.  Children should bring a water bottle into school each day; this should be in a plastic bottle and should be clearly labelled with their name.  This should be fruit juice, water or a milk flavoured drink (no fizzy drinks should be sent to school).

Children under 5 (up to and including the term in which they are 5) will receive free milk each day, as will children under 5.

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