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Breakfast Club

What is a Breakfast Cafe? 

Our breakfast Café gives the children the opportunity to have a free bagel every single day. We are very fortunate to be working with a charity called Magic Breakfast who provide us with free bagels for our children.

When does it open?

Bagels will be available in class for pupils when each year group arrives.


Why do we run a Breakfast Cafe?

A hungry child is more likely to be restless, unhappy, lethargic, distracted or disruptive in lessons. We want all of our children to have a nutritious breakfast. We want all of our children to be ready for learning. We want to support and help our families. A hungry child is simply not ready for learning and will not achieve their best.​​

Who are Magic Breakfast? 

Magic Breakfast are a charity who provides free, nutritious breakfasts to schools where over 35% of pupils are eligible for free school meals.

Magic Breakfast came into being because evidence shows that eating a healthy breakfast helps to improve a child's concentration, behaviour, attendance, punctuality and educational attainment. Read more about Magic Breakfast here

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